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Romania, in line with other european countries

Live in Romania while you are employed at the parent company

If you work for an IT company abroad in the remote system you will be able to access a special visa for this service. In this way you will be able to live in Romania while you are employed at the parent company in your country. Before, you could do this with a normal work visa. But now things have been simplified, allowing foreign employees to work in Romania through a simplified procedure and with a much longer validity, up to six months.

Another benefit would be the economic one, digital nomads are used to relax and work in new places, visiting the country where they choose to work. This means spending money in coffee-shops, hubs and common areas, thus increasing local economy.

The documents required for such a visa

The employment contract, in original and the authenticated translation into Romanian, concluded with a company registered outside Romania, proving the provision of remote services, or proof of remote administration of a company registered for at least three years from date of application for a residence visa.

An original document, together with the authenticated translation, showing the field of activity of the company in which he / she works, the role in the company and its legal representatives;

A letter of intent, in original and certified translation, detailing the purpose of the trip and the activities it intends to carry out in Romania;

An apostilled / supralegalized document, together with the certified translation, issued by the competent tax authorities stating that, at the date of the visa application, the foreigner or the company he holds has paid up to date taxes, fees or other obligatory contributions and that he is not registered with acts or facts related to tax evasion / fraud;

Proof of medical insurance for the entire period of validity of the visa, valid in Romania and with a coverage of at least 30,000 euros;

Booking a travel ticket valid to the destination or the driving license, green card, car registration documents and proof of itinerary, for those who will enter the country with their own car;

Proof that they have a place to stay;

Proof of income of at least 3,700 euros (at least three times the average gross monthly earnings in Romania) for each of the last six months prior to the submission of the visa application and for the entire period entered in the visa;

Criminal record certificate or other document with the same legal value, apostille / superlegalized / translated in the authentic form in Romanian, showing that there are no records of criminal acts;

Romania is in top 25 destinations for remote work

At the same time, in order to be eligible for this visa, the foreign employee must also meet the following condition:

– to carry out activities from which the income is obtained – remotely, through the use of technology and communications.

Romania is in top 25 destinations for remote work (14th place) according to the website. And this is not at all surprising because over a million freelancers have decided to work remotely in Romania in recent years. 

The variety of relief forms as well as the affordable prices make our country accessible to foreign employees.

If you are in need of help to obtain this visa, we are here to help you obtain your access to Romania!
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Ne-am format ca echipă de specialiști în urmă cu mulți ani în domeniul recrutării personalului asiatic, oferind totodată servicii conexe ce țin de obținerea documentației necesare pentru angajare, susținerea oamenilor în vederea integrării post-angajare, medierea situațiilor și a discuțiilor între companii.

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